About us


Auris Dent Dental Center consists of dental cabinet and dental technique laboratory and it can help you not only to have healthy teeth but also an irreproachable smile, inviting you to come to a modern location, situated in the residential neighborhood Tomis Plus Constanta. Here you will find a professional team of dentists and dental technicians for which dentistry is an art, a friendly and elegant atmosphere and latest equipment, where the quality-price ratio is in favor of the customer!!

Since its opening, Auris Dent Dental Center imposed by promptitude, seriousness and quality. The passion for dentistry, the permanent improvement and also the use of the latest technologies conduced to the obtaining of irreproachable results and to impeccable customer relationships based on trust and friendship.

Auris Dent Dental Center also offers a treatment solution by dental implants, the protean works being carried out in a very short time because they are produced in our own dental technique laboratory. We live in a world where image matters a lot. Either we talk about clothes, physical presence or about a simply a smile, we are tagged. Therefore, all the mentioned aspects should not be indifferent for us, and if the first two of these depend on us, a perfect smile is supported by teeth to match.




Why choose us:

  • We have ultramodern equipment and materials;
  • The sterilization of the instruments is performed according to EU rules;
  • We have a modern dental technique laboratory.
  • We only use the latest generation anesthetics;
  • We treat each case promptly;
  • You will find here a kind ambience;
  • We have wireless Internet;
  • We work with doctors from all dental fields.