Dental technique laboratory

Auris Dent dental technique laboratory offers to its patient first quality dental services. At Auris Dent you will benefit of general and specialized, best quality dental techniques services, which will help to improve and maintain your teeth healthy. Proof of this is the collaboration with over twenty dental cabinets not only in Constanta but from other cities and also doctors and clinics in EU.



We have created a valuable working environment for each individual. We encourage, recognize and reward high performance, teamwork and assuming responsibility.

Equipment / Materials

Due to the permanent concern and desire for improvement, our dental technique laboratory staff is always up with new techniques, materials and methods of treatment by continuous participation in conferences and scientific meetings. Each treatment and technique used in the laboratory takes place after rigorous conduct hygiene and laboratory facilities are the last generation, enabling high quality works.

  • We use professional equipment of new generation and the highest quality materials, guaranteeing a quality high level of works executed.
  • We can handle any exigency and any preference coming from the doctor or patient
  • We quickly execute emergency works.
  • We can cater for both patient and partners
  • Our standards are constantly growing and we try to maintain the quality of works to a high standard.

We execute the following:

Fixed works:

  • Total physiognomic metal-ceramic (Cr-Co) [Heraeus Kulzer (HeraCeram)]

(normal and on the implants)

  • Total physiognomic light-cured Metal composite (Cr-Co & Ni-Cr)

(VITA & Eye Sight)

  • Partial metal-acrylic (WISER) (Cr-Co, Ni-Cr, NPG)
  • Acrylic crowns (interim & final)

Mobile works:

  • Skeletonized prosthesis with special gripping systems (staples & backstage)

(Bredent & rhein)

  • Total prosthesis on the magnets
  • Partial dentures & Acrylic
  • R.C.R (Cr-Co, Ni-Cr, NPG)
  • NPG Bevels for Prosthesis
  • Repairing prosthesis & crochets