Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry – a branch of dentistry that deals with the study of dental pathology (simple caries, complicated caries, trauma, dystrophies)…

Dental Surgery

DENTAL SURGERY. Dental extraction is the most frequent surgical intervention found in stomatology. When a tooth is damaged and cannot be…

Dental prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis – the simplest and cheapest method of treatment. The prophylaxis prevents the dental and periodontal disease, averting…


Orthodontics corrects the dentomaxilar anomalies. Crooked teeth or the ones not properly aligned are difficult to maintain, they can be…

Dental Treatments

DENTAL TREATMENTS (cavities and complications treatment). Dental therapy deals with treatment of coronary disease (dental caries, stains, marbling…


Prosthodontics deals morphofunctional restoration methods and aesthetics of the dental-maxillary machine (ADM) by the aid of biocompatible prostheses

Oral implantology

Oral implantology revolutionized dental medicine in general and especially the dental prosthetics.

Dental Aesthetic

Dental Aesthetic or Aesthetic Stomatology – a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the functional aspect but especially with the aesthetic one.